Spirit Kayaks - high in quality, super tough, and they've been around since 1993...and best of all, they're owned and made in Australia

  Hot Shot  -  $299.00

The Spirit ‘Hot Shot’ is the ultimate low volume craft packed with features not options! This little beast is capable of big things while having all the extra maneuverability for smaller individuals. A great choice, family craft which is suitable for all skill levels, and a particularly popular choice among the kids. The Hot Shot allows for you to achieve everything you want from a small play boat without the hassle of a larger craft.

Moulded Weight:  12kg      Length:  2.4m      Width:  70cm      Capacity:  75kg   

Fun Ski  -  $399.00

The Fun Ski is the perfect entry level craft for families incorporating all the Fun, Fitness, Snorkeling, Surfing and Outdoor Adventures your family can throw at it. As it is with all Spirit Paddle Sports Craft the Fun Ski is extremely durable and will last a lifetime, making it the perfect craft for families to get out and about amongst Australia’s beautiful water ways and beaches.

Moulded Weight: 16kg            Length: 2.6m            Width: 72cm            Capacity: 100kg   

Crosstrainer (CTR) Ski  -  $999.00

The Crosstrainer is arguably the best entry level fitness craft on the market with unparalleled stability balanced with a great cruising speed allowing anyone to get fit on the water. The CTR has been tested from the waves of Gnaraloo to the rapids of The Avon River, it has the durability and toughness to take on anything the most experienced of paddlers can throw at it all packaged up to allow a complete novice to enjoy the same experiences.

Weight:  18kg          Length: 4m          Width: 61cm          Capacity:  100kg

 Double CTR  -  $1399.00

 The Double CTR allows you to share all the enjoyment The CTR has to offer with a friend, partner, family member or any other adventurous soul wanting to hit the water with you. Its ultra-stable making it fantastic for family’s but is also the boat of choice for Adventure Racers worldwide.

 Weight: 25kg          Length: 4.8m          Width: 70cm          Capacity: 220kg

Performance Racing Ski (PRS)  -  $1699.00

Developed utilising original, unique and innovative design concepts ensuring premium performance. SPIRIT's PRS Ski was designed for speed in both ocean and river paddling. The PRS is a proven performer being the most successful craft ever in the history of The Avon Descent including holding an Avon Descent record set in its Rookie year in 2008. The PRS is in demand worldwide because of its exceptional performance and ability to suit paddlers of such a diverse range of abilities and diverse range of paddling environment’s. The PRS ski’s Polyethylene construction gives it all the durability and strength you expect, meaning it will require know where near the maintenance of any composite craft and have the lifetime that you expect from a PE craft

     Weight: 19kg          Length: 5.67m          Width: 50cm          Capacity: 110kg