Looking for the best paddle on the planet?  Quick Blade won't disappoint!

Renowned for their innovative high performance Paddles, over 50% of the worlds top SUP Racers currently use QuickBlade Paddles.  Watch this Product Review on the all new Trifecta featuring  NSP's Travis Grant. 
 If you are interested in ordering a Quick Blade Paddle or would like more information,  give us a call at the Shop on 07 3286 9508 or Shop On-line. Free Delivery on All QuickBlade Paddles
Flyweight All Carbon

Fixed $429.00          Adj $459.00

Flyweight 2018 Model

Fixed $369          Adj $399

Kanaha 2018 Model

Fixed $399        Adj $429.00

Trifecta All Carbon

Round $679.00  Oval $739.00

Trifecta Vector Net

Round $549.00          Oval $629.00

V Drive All Carbon

Round $679.00   Oval $739.00

V Drive Vector Net

Round $549.00          Oval $629.00

Replacement Handle P40

     $70.00 each

Replacement Handle P55-P56

             $70.00 each