Beautiful performance paddles by Kialoa

If you are interested in purchasing a Kialoa Paddle or would like more information, just click the link and complete the Email Enquiry form and we will contact you.......or give us a call at the Shop on 07 3286 9508, any day except Mondays.
Axel II $399
Hoku  -  Single Bend $409 / Double Bend $409
Mekana  -  Single Bend $409 /  Double Bend $419
Nehu  -  Single or Double Bend $390
Teva Hoe Double Bend $439
Biscuit Steering $410
Foti Steering $410
Mirror Pond Double Bend Steering  $410
To order a Paddle, just complete the Email Enquiry form and submit, and we will contact you to confirm the details, or just go to our on-line shop.