Want a quality kayak that stands out from the rest, then a 'Feelfree' 

kayak  with the unique 'wheel in the keel' design could fit the bill nicely!


   Available from January 2018 starting from $1599


Feel Free Fishing Kayak Package Prices include the seat, fibre glass paddle, paddle leash, and a Uni-Trac as standard.
From$1100 Package $1200

    From $1450 Package $1550

From $1550 Package $1650
From $1599 Package $1699
LURE 11.5
From $1799 Package $1899
LURE 13.5
From $2099 Package $2199



The Move Kayak is sleek, comfortable, portable and has the perfect blend of performance and simplicity, making it the perfect choice for family and friends. The Move can easily be transported with the wheel in the keel, or carry with the innovative moulded in handles, to your favourite river, lake,or surf beach. This innovative designed Kayak is now even more user friendly.

Length: 2.7m           Width:  76cm
Weight: 19.5kg    Load Capacity: 110kg

Available in 7 different colours

From $699 Package $799

The Nomad is an all-round single person kayak ready to play in the surf, drift along slow moving streams and rivers or even for anchoring down in your favorite fishing spot . It combines a large ergonomic cockpit, comfort seating system and proven hull design to create an experience on the water that any paddler will enjoy.

Length: 2.9m           Width:  75cm
 Weight: 21kg     Load Capacity: 150kg

Available in 7 different colours

From $799 Package $899

The Juntos packs utility and performance into one package. With additional seat/space for a child or pet, this kayak is perfect for the paddler who wants to bring along a partner every now and then.  Includes our Wheel in the Keel for easy transport, as well as a pair of rod holders for those times when you just want to sneak off for a fish.

 Length: 3.4m           Width:  77cm
Weight: 27.5kg    Load Capacity: 180kg

Available in 5 different colours

From $949 Package $1049

The Gemini capacity, seating arrangements and layout has made it the tandem of choice for the majority of tandem sit on top kayak paddlers. The Gemini can be paddled tandem, solo or even as a tandem with a smaller child in the middle. All the best Feelfree features have been incorporated with moulded in side -bow and stern handles, wheel in keel, hatches that seal well, paddle parks, places for fishing rod holders – the Feelfree Gemini can do it all. The Gemini alsocomes with a ‘Wheel in the Keel’ that makes getting this kayak to and from the water much easier.

        Length: 3.8m           Width:  83cm
       Weight: 32kg           Load Capacity: 250kg

Available in 6 different colurs

PackagePrice $1299

Comfortable stable and fun are three words to best describe the Corona kayak. The Corona kayak was designed for family or friends who want to enjoy a variety of water fun in an affordable way. The Corona was specially designed for two paddling styles it can carry two paddlers plus one in the middle with cosy leg room or enjoy single paddling in the middle seat position.  The Corona is an extremely stable, maneuverable, and excellent tracking. The front V handle and moulded in handles plus the wheel in keel make it easier and more comfortable to transport.

        Length: 4.3m           Width:  83cm
       Weight: 36kg           Load Capacity: 280kg

Available in 4 different colours

Package Price $1359


Atlantis 12

Comfort without compromise, that’s the Feelfree Atlantis 12 kayak. It’s our transitional touring kayak, with plenty of stability, excellent tracking, speed and controlled turning, it will stay with you as your skills grow. A great way to improve your kayaking skills. The Atlantis 12 has all the innovative features of its bigger brother, the Atlantis 14, and also being shorter has higher maneuverability, stability and swifter control. The Atlantis 12 is best suited to light day touring, coastal and inland touring.

              Length: 3.85m   Width:  68cm  
       Weight: 26.5kg   Load Capacity: 140kg
                Cockpit size 54×94cm

Available in 4 different colours

Priced from $1299
Atlantis 14

If you want to paddle further faster, then the Feelfree Atlantis 14 could be for you. It’s our transitional touring kayak, with plenty of stability, excellent tracking, speed and controlled turning, it will stay with you as your skills grow.

A great way to hone your kayaking skills, and quickly improve fitness levels. The Atlantis 14 is quite at home in both coastal and open water conditions, and a pleasure to paddle.

           Length: 4.29m    Width:  64.5cm  
         Weight: 26kg    Load Capacity: 140kg
                 Cockpit size 51×91cm

 Available in 4 different colours

Priced from $1449

Feelfree are known around the world for making amazing recreational and fishing sit on top kayaks. The Windermere is an open cockpit, easy to paddle kayak designed for recreational touring and a spot of fishing. The Windermere has been a best seller in the USA for many years and now it is available in Australia. It is built for easy paddling along lakes, canals, estuaries and sheltered waters. It's a great kayak for those looking to move from a sit on top to their fist sit-in kayak where the cockpit is not a tight fit.

             Length: 3.66m    Width:  74cm  
          Weight: 27kg    Load Capacity: 230kg
               Cockpit size 115.5cm ×47cm

Available in 1 colour only

Priced from $899