The Moken 10 Angler

The Moken 10 Angler Kayak is ready to take on a great adventure whether to your favourite fishing hole or just out on a lake. The Moken 10 Angler is very stable, portable, and has great maneuverability making it very user friendly from the experienced paddler all the way down to the beginner. The Moken 10 Angler has been designed with 2 areas in mind. While it has been designed to become part of the Moken Kayak family as a fishing kayak it has also been designed for the recreational paddler looking for a kayak that has such great stability but is so easy to paddle and handle on the water. 

  • Hard Lid Front Storage
  • Flip up Centre Console
  • 4 x Rod Holders
  • Kingfisher Seat
  • Wheel in the Keel
  • Moulded in Handles
  • Paddle Park
  • 8″ Rubber Hatch

Length:  3.15m
Width:  89cm
Weight:  27kg
Load Capacity:  200kg